Like the mythical phoenix that symbolizes rebirth, we bring a whole new, soul-centered paradigm to the mortgage process—one that gives more value to all parties involved, and is founded on a culture of giving.

We educate and support our clients beyond industry norms—suggesting the optimal mortgage for you, not necessarily the maximum mortgage possible. We guide you to effectively structure your finances so you can safely and successfully handle your mortgage payments. And we teach you the fastest way to pay it off.

With current home prices and interest rates at historic lows, buying now can lead to wealth for future generations. This is our vision for our clients.

As a realtor partner, you can count on us to support you and your clients fully at every stage, and to deliver consistently faster closings with minimal stress. We share with you our advanced, next generation business systems, and help you to streamline your process.

Every mortgage closed benefits a larger community—through our Perpetual System of Giving.


The mortgage
that gives

As you buy, another person gets a home and 25 trees are planted in your honor. Learn more about our Home for a Home Project.


Giving business
partners more

Grow your business more efficiently with our streamlined mortgage planning process and business systems.


Perpetual system
of giving

Built into our culture and represented by the Flower of Life, these system is designed so that everyone involved thrives.